How Oil Fired Water Heaters Work

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Oil fired water heaters are usually either part of a central heat system that provides hot water for radiant heating as well as hot water for the household water system. Oil fired water heaters are also used for high capacity hot water systems for businesses that require large amounts of hot water. Household hot water systems using oil fired water heaters are not generally found in the deep south because they tend to be part of a household heating system and do not work as satisfactorily when the boiler is not in use for household heating. Direct fired oil water heaters do not have to be part of a heating system and are suitable for all parts of the country.

Oil fired water heaters fall into three general types. The first type would be direct fired oil water heaters. These systems are just water heaters using oil as the heat source. Oil fired water heaters are very efficient and can be used for large capacity commercial hot water systems. Oil fired systems tend to be more costly up front but usually save money over time because of length of service and low fuel costs. As with gas fired water heaters, safe exhaust of fumes from the burner is an absolute necessity.

Indirect fired water heaters are storage tanks with heating coils supplied with hot water from a nearby boiler used to supply hot water or steam for central heating systems. Because it is dependent upon the central heating system it is not always satisfactory in warm weather. Tankless indirect fired systems are also found. Tankless indirect systems are good when the heating system is in use, but not as good during warm weather.

Tankless coil systems are part of a boiler home heating system. A coiled water pipe is located within the boiler and heats household water as needed. This system is very satisfactory during cold water when the boiler is in constant use warming the house. In warm weather the system takes longer to initially supply hot water. Once warm it does an excellent job of supplying continuous hot water.

All oil fired hot water heaters have high initial costs with low operating costs. They tend to be found in cold weather climates where heating oil is popular. Commercial systems are popular where high volumes of hot water are needed.

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