3 Signs your water heater needs maintenance

Vernon Water Heater

There are a couple of signs that will let you know that your hot-water tank needs some sort of maintenance. Many people see these signs and think that they have to go out and buy a brand-new tank and most of the time they are wrong. Most of the problems that happen with water heaters are minor, and a professional can get it fixed in no time at all because they know exactly what to look for.

After several years of wear and tear on your tank, you may begin to notice cloudy water coming out of your faucet. This typically only happens when you are running your hot water for dishes or running bath water. Most likely, the professional will notify you that there has been some sediment that has built up on the bottom of your tank. The technician can get it cleaned up for you quickly and have your water running clear again in no time at all.

A hot-water tank should heat up fairly quickly, and if you notice that it is starting to take longer to heat up, this may be a sign that one or two of the elements need to be replaced.

Lastly, if the water is not getting hot like it has in the past, your top element on the tank may need to be replaced by a technician. Basically, when the bottom element is working you will only be provided with lukewarm water.

It is necessary to make sure that you get an annual maintenance on your hot-water tank. This will save you from costly repairs in the future and possibly having to replace your entire unit. When you notice a problem, call in a professional and get it taken care of in a timely manner. Most companies offer emergency service and will come out and fix your problem that very same day!

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