How Can Plumbing be Considered Art?

Art lovers will often travel great distances to see their favorite pieces on display. A great example of this is the fans of Van Gogh--they may travel to New York to view The Starry Night or to The Netherlands to see Vase with Carnations and Wheat Fields.

For fans of certain iconic photos, a trip to the photographed location may be in order; fans of certain authors may read their books, seek autographs, or visit their old homes.

People that love musical artists may attend concerts and those who love plays or certain forms of dance may choose to view them in a theater. Everyone can agree that all of these are forms of art and are to be appreciated--plumbing is nowhere near these and it is quite unusual to see it as such.

With that said, plumbing can’t be considered ‘art,’ or can it? We’re going to discuss what can be considered art and why plumbing actually can be considered as such. Keep reading for more information!

Ancient Art is Still Appreciated

“alwaysart”Many great works of art have something in common... they’re old. But art is also created every day and the value of some art is priceless no matter when it was created.

Here’s an interesting fact: art comes from the word ‘artifice’ which can refer to devices meant to trick people as well as anything that is created, or otherwise not found in nature.

This means that simply by existing, plumbing and the materials used can be considered art. As an extension of this, plumbers are the masterful artists, creating beautiful, useful works. Something else to consider is the fact that plumbing has been around since ancient times, in fact, since 4,000-3,000 BC by Egyptians!

Modern Plumbing

“modernplumbing”There are a number of modern-day plumbing feats that many people travel great distances to see.

One of the first things that may come to mind is the Trevi Fountain in Rome or the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. The

Trevi Fountain might be a little less exciting than the water and lights of the Fountains of Bellagio, but both are definitely considered works of art. Aqua Traiana and the Hoover Dam are other structures that revolve around water and were created to solve a problem.

The famous underwater restaurant Ithaa was built to be an iconic and famous restaurant. All three of these places would not exist without the ability of the plumbers that help design them.

Artful Plumbing in Suburbia

“communityplumbing”Although the previously mentioned fountains, structures, and fixtures may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from you, there is still artful plumbing in your area.

If you’ve ever seen a designed lake with a fountain or appreciated flowers that wouldn’t get water without an irrigation system, you have appreciated plumbing as art.

There is also the fact of wastewater management and sewer drainage. Neither of these topics is pretty to look at and neither of them smells pleasant. Plumbers have used pipes to help remove the waste, which leaves your home and yard looking beautiful. In addition to this, you may have enjoyed water parks and admired beautiful drinking fountains that have been put into place by master artists!

Changing Perspectives

If you still don’t completely agree that plumbing is art and that plumbers are artists, consider changing your perspective. You might be one of those people that consider only traditional forms of art to be ‘real art,’ and that is okay.

However, finding beauty in small things is a great exercise in mindfulness and gratitude, and this is how we love to look at life at Water Heater Medic.

Attempting to see the beauty in everyday items will often increase your level of happiness and give you a level of understanding toward other people that you might not otherwise have.

Maybe you’ve had a quick change in perspective or find this take on art interesting--in either event, take a minute to share this blog with your friends!