Understanding Why You are Running Out of Hot Water

There is nothing worse than running out of hot water while trying to take a shower or a bath. While you don't expect the hot water to last forever, it generally gets colder gradually as opposed to suddenly going out.

There are several reasons why your Vernon home is running out of hot water or why there isn't any hot water to begin with. Let's take a look at a few common reasons why this may be the case.

Vernon water-heater-repairThe Water Heater May Have a Leak

It is possible that the water heater has a small leak that you may not be aware of. It could be making it harder to keep the tank full at all times, which would reduce the amount of hot water that you have to draw from.

If you notice that there is water pooling around the water heater or there is dripping from an older unit, you could be losing water, which means that it may be time to replace the unit.

The Gas Could Be Out In Your Home

Many water heaters run on gas power, which means that they will not work if there is no gas being fed to them.

You should first check to see if the gas is on and that there are no leaks that could be stifling the supply to the heater. If you are having issues with your gas supply, call your local utility company immediately. They will fix any issues with your meter at no charge.

What About Electric Water Heaters?

If you have an electric water heater, you should make sure that the circuit breaker hasn't been tripped. If it has, your heater is most likely not working like it should. In a modern circuit breaker, the circuit should look like a simple on/off switch, which should make it easy to figure out if there is a problem.

Before any work is done, make sure that you call water heater experts and ensure that the power has been turned off in the home.

Is the Water Heater On?

After awhile, you may forget that getting hot water takes more than just turning the faucet in a certain direction. Without a source of heat, all you are going to get is cold water no matter how far you turn that dial. When you notice that you aren't getting any or as much hot water as usual, check the water heater to make sure that the pilot light is on.

If it isn't, you should either call professional water heater experts to check it or turn it back on yourself. If there is a severe leak or water is gushing out of the tank, have it replaced immediately.

Are You Using a Lot of Hot Water at Once?

If possible, avoid doing dishes or running the dishwasher while you are taking a shower or trying to wash your clothes. Using multiple sources of hot water at the same time can put a strain on the water heater and use up your hot water a lot faster. Therefore, it may be a good idea to take a shower, wait for the water to get warm again and then do the dishes or wash your clothes.

Is Your Water Heater Large Enough?

Typically, a 40-gallon tank should be enough to provide a steady supply of hot water. However, if you have a larger house or have higher than normal water demands, you may simply need a bigger hot water tank to stay warm while in the shower or to leave enough hot water to clean your dishes or your clothes. Those who need a larger tank may want to upgrade to a 55-gallon version, which is still affordable and relatively easy to install.

Has the Temperature Setting Been Altered?Conneticut water-heater troubleshooting

The water may not be hot enough because the temperature setting has been altered. If that is the case, the fix may be as simple as changing the setting to something hotter. However, if that doesn't work, it may be necessary to repair the thermostat that is controlling the temperature in the tank.

Is There Enough Pressure To and From the Tank?

There is a pressure valve located on the side of your water heater. There is a chance that there is either too little pressure or too much pressure coming to or from the tank. If you think that there is an issue with the pressure in the tank, make sure a professional checks it out as soon as possible. This is because pressure buildup could lead to a tank explosion and severe damage to your home.

Not having steady hot water in your Vernon home can drive even the most patient person crazy. While it could be an easy fix to restore your hot water, fixing the problem could mean replacing your water hater.

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