How to Drain Your Water Heater and Why

A neglected water heating system can affect the performance of your Vernon plumbing. If the sediment is allowed to build up to dangerous amounts, the water can harden and the system will fail prematurely. Maintenance specialists recommend that the system be cleaned often to operate at maximum efficiency.

Vernon water-heater-servicesWhat happens when the sediment builds up?

It only takes a surge of water headed in the wrong direction to cause clogging. The toilet can become clogged along with the other inlet valves. Sediment causes the system to operate with less efficiency. The system may begin to make loud sounds while being operated. There may even be signs of leaking or restricted water flow. It’s best to prevent the problem from getting out of hand to the point where rust is allowed to accumulate.

Why does my water heater system have to be drained?

Draining the system regularly prevents higher utility costs. One of the most common reasons for higher energy bills in a households is the inefficient appliances in the home. The water heater is an appliance that can increase utility costs if not serviced regularly. If the system is a gas heater, the water may take much longer to heat before it becomes available. The water heater can also operate sluggishly when the system is overburdened by sediment if the unit is electric.

What are the steps to properly draining the water heater?

First, the power to the system should be completely cut off. The water supply should also be cut off. A garden hose should be attached to the bottom of the unit. The drain valve where the hose is attached should be opened. The system should be emptied completely. Once the system is emptied, run cold water through the system to dislodge the hardened minerals concentrated at the bottom of the tank. After leaving the cold water valve open for a few minutes, the system should be refilled. Check the temperature settings in order to make sure that the system is operating properly.

How often should the system be drained?

The system should be drained every year. In some cases, it may be necessary to drain the system more often due to the hardness of the water supply. Draining the hard water from the system protects the plumbing and the system while ensuring a steady supply of hot water is always available. Any steps taken to improve the performance of the system cuts energy costs.

Your water heater is designed to last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. Extending the life of the system can be done with routine maintenance steps such as draining the units. Getting your Vernon system regularly cleaned prevents it from failing before it should.

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