What to do If You're Continually Running Out of Hot Water

What Makes Hot Water Run Out

Vernon Water HeaterFirst things first. In order to know why you keep running out of hot water, you should learn of a few things that can cause hot water to actually run out to begin with. In a typical household, all of the hot water comes from a hot water heater.

There are actually two different types of hot water heaters you could have. One of the types of hot water heater is a tank that stores hot water within the tank itself. The other type would be considered a tankless model that supplies heated water as needed.

Hot water overuse is one of the most common factors that cause hot water to run out quickly. The actual tank size can also cause hot water to run out, as well as burned-out or undersized elements.

Know Your Limits

You should know what your limit is if you keep running out of hot water. You should try to take a look at the water heater's capacity.

Generally, hot water heaters will generally only deliver up to 2/3 of their actual capacity. The bigger the tank size, the more hot water will be given.

Separate Shower Times

If there are more than two people living in the household, you should consider separating the times you actually take a shower to prevent the hot water from running out.

This tends to happen when people take showers back to back, causing the hot water to run out a lot quicker. This may require a bit of planning ahead of time. However, it is probably the simplest solution.

Check Other IssuesVernon Water Heater Repair

Sometimes it may not just be about knowing your limits, and separating shower times in general. It could very well be that something else is going on with your hot water tank. You should consider looking out for red flags.

A rotten egg smell is one of the first signs you should consider looking out for if you suppose something is wrong with your water heater. If you hear any type of popping or cracking sounds, this is another indication that some type of sediment buildup is present in your water heater. Puddles or even mold could possibly be surrounding your water heater, and this could indicate that there is possibly a leak.

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