Water Heater Flood Prevention

While your water heater is responsible for making certain that hot water is available in a moments notice, that convenience comes with a price. This device can experience mechanical issues and with the water under such extreme pressure, could begin pouring out and flooding your home.Vernon Water Heater Flood Prevention Services

Depending where the water heater is located in your home, you might not even realize a flood is occurring until the damage is done. Here are some things you should consider to help prevent this from happening in your home.

What is a Water Heater Flood?

The simple answer to what is a water heater flood is the release of water at a large pace that pours from the appliance quickly and fills the room it is in. The water heater is responsible for holding and heating several dozen gallons of water, and when the system fails, that water is released from the unit quickly.

If your heater is upstairs, it could easily flood the room and begin leaking through the floor and ceiling in the rooms below. Because water is pressurized to enter the tank, if you don't see the issue soon enough it could spill more water than it holds.

Why Does it Happen?

The reason why water heater floods happen is because of the large volume of water inside and being sent to the unit. Under the water heater is usually a small drain pan, but this pan can barely hold a few gallons of dripping water. When the water heater experiences a severe failure, pressurized water can begin spraying from the seams of the tank and reach several feet away from the tank. If the tank is in the garage, you may not even be away the area is flooding until you go out to the garage.

How Can you Prevent it from Happening?

There are a few ways you can prevent your water heater from flooding your Vernon home. The first is to periodically inspect the connection points of the heater for corrosion. If you see white powder forming at joints, this could become a weak point and point of failure.

Look in the drain pan for any water, this could be an indication of a problem with a leak causing a bigger issue. At these early signs of trouble, reach out to your local plumbing repair company so they can inspect, repair, or replace the unit before a flood were to occur.

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