Lower Your Water Heating Costs

Vernon Water HeaterYour water heater makes up one fourth to one third of your home’s total energy consumption, making it among the largest energy suckers in your home, possibly as much as, or more than, your air conditioning.

Even so, a water heater is essential for a variety of tasks around the house, from washing dishes to showering. It is a necessary evil as far as energy usage is concerned, but one that can be controlled with some additions and proper maintenance.

Below are a few quick tips to lower your energy bill and improve the performance of your hot water heater simultaneously.


One of the easiest things you can do to make your current water heater more energy-efficient is to purchase a blanket for it. You can also have a professional insulate your pipes for you to keep your hot water hot all the way to your faucet or shower head.

Metal naturally conducts heat, so insulating both the pipes and the tank take advantage of this natural heat absorption and amplify the collected heat to keep the hot water hot as it travels. It is a rather simple and quick solution if you cannot afford to replace your current hot water tank.

Look for Leaks

Hire a professional to come and check your pipes every once in a while to ensure none of them are leaking. A leaky pipe is a very quick way to raise your energy bill as well as your water bill, so maintaining your pipes ensures that all of your water is reaching you and that your water heater isn’t working overtime to keep up with household demand.

Logically speaking, it just defeats the purpose if you lose some of your hot water before you even get to use it. One small leak could be costing you hundreds without you even knowing it.

Purchase a Tankless Water HeaterVernon Energy Efficiency

A tankless water heater may actually qualify you for a tax credit if you choose to invest in one. It uses far less energy than a traditional water heater, making it a worthwhile long-term investment.

Rather than storing hot water in a large tank, it heats water on demand using a method that allows water to be heated extremely quickly. It uses copper connected to an in-line heating element to heat water rapidly.

Best of all, you never have to worry about running out of hot water.

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