Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Vernon Water Heater RepairThe water heater in your home is one of the most overworked appliances because it is basically running day and night to heat water. The time to have your system checked is long before you are knee deep in water and scrambling through the phone directory looking for a professional plumber to make the repair. Here are just a few signs your water heater needs maintenance.

Your water heater should be running quietly each day to keep the water at a predetermined temperature. The fist sign there could be trouble is when you hear the water heater making noises as it heats the water. These sounds will sound like small pebbles rolling around inside an empty tin can. This means that there is a buildup of sediment or something has come loose, and it is rolling around inside the heater tank with your water. 

If you notice the water has a sulfur smell or has a discoloration to it, this is the time to call your local plumbing professional. A plumber will be able to open up the tank and drain out all that contaminated water. Once the tank has been flushed cleaned, the water quality should improve immediately. The mineral buildups can slowly clog the tank and the water lines leading to your sinks and shower.

Vernon Water Heater RepairPay close attention to how long it takes the water to heat up in the sink or the shower. If you begin to notice it is taking longer each day to get warmer, the heating element could be malfunctioning or close to breaking down. Rather than find out when you are in the middle of the shower that the heater element stopped working, contact your plumber today so they can inspect the electrical components and see if everything is running properly.

If you begin to see small particles in your drinking water, this could be an indication that sediment has reached a dangerous level inside your water tank. The longer this condition goes without being treated, the more you and your family are exposed to contaminated water. The calcium that can build up in the heater tank could be an indication that the tank is clogged, something a professional can spot and fix quite easily. Leaving this condition to get worse will only result in you having to replace the entire tank in time.

The sooner you have a professional plumber on site, the easier it is for them to inspect and maintain the system. Often they can spot a potential problem early enough that it does not turn into an emergency.

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