myth-or-factCommon Plumbing Myths It’s a Good Idea to Know

Your home plumbing units are designed to operate a certain way. And only by following the latest guidance from trusted plumbers can you ensure your home equipment is performing to peak capacity. There are numerous misconceptions in the plumbing industry, and it’s important that you’re able to separate fact from fiction if you want to avoid costly plumbing problems in the future. To help guide you in this process, we’re highlighting several plumbing myths in this latest post.

Plungers Can Resolve Any Clogclogged-drains

While your household plungers can be used to resolve a toilet paper clog and other small issues, there are clogging problems that cannot be fixed with a plunger. If you have a chemical clog related to oil in the system or a stubborn paper clog, you might have to turn to professional plumbers to resolve the issue.

Plumbers can use equipment that allows them to see into the drain to remove the clog effectively. This can help you save several hours trying to fix the clog alone.

Water Heaters Cannot Explode

While it’s rare, there have been cases where a water heater has exploded, seriously injuring those inside the home. Water heaters are designed to operate at high temperature levels, but heaters that are not maintained effectively can sometimes exceed the standard levels and overheat.

This can lead to a large explosion that destroys property and injures those inside the home. To mitigate water heater issues, it’s important to flush the system regularly and work with a trusted plumbing company to ensure that the system is maintained according to the highest of industry safety standards.

leaking-faucetA Leaking Faucet Isn’t a Big Problem

While you might think that the slow drip of a faucet doesn’t have a large impact on your home, you’d be wrong. The impact of a leaking faucet can be significant. For example, studies show that a leaking faucet can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars more per year in plumbing costs. In addition, a leaking faucet that goes on for too long can end up damaging the structure of your home.

Creatures Cannot Make Their Way Up Your Pipesrats-in-pipes

It sounds like urban legend, but animals such as rats and mice have found their way into homes across the country through the toilet. They can clamber through pipes and climb walls to enter homes and then make their way inside your plumbing system.

Call a local plumber as quickly as possible if you hear a scratching sound coming from the area of your pipes or toilet.

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