Vernon Bock Indirect Water Heaters

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Bock Indirect Water Heater
Over 80 years ago Oscar Bock started a company that would create some of the highest quality heating products on the market. The company then became one of the leading providers of indirect water heaters. Every employee at Bock owns a part of the business giving them the extra incentive needed to produce excellent systems. Their indirect water heaters are built to last, as their innovative design and steel construction make them extremely durable. A sediment reduction inlet makes them easier to maintain and they are also protected against corrosion, which undoubtedly extends their shelf life.

Because Bock indirect water heaters are insulated with ecomate they in no way contribute to global warming, and the fact that they work in conjunction with your boiler it really cuts down on energy consumption. At Water Heater Medic we pride ourselves on offering the best indirect water heaters to our customers all throughout Vernon and the surrounding communities. It is our promise that you will be absolutely satisfied with your new Bock system.

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