Your Drinks Will Taste Better When You Use Water Filters

There’s nothing better, on a hot summer day when you’re looking for a cool refreshing drink, like lemonade. That is unless you’re met with a glass that was not filtered and instead tastes like a bunch of things that it should not. When you drink unfiltered water, you’re also consuming extra minerals, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

These particles not only affect the taste of your beverages they can also affect your health and even prevent your cleaning from being done properly. In this article, we will take a look at what hard water is, the benefits of a whole house water filter, and what UV water filters are and how they can help.

Looking at Hard Water and How it Can Affect Things at Home

Hard water is the result of extra minerals within your water. The effects of this phenomena are usually not desired and can include some of the following problems:

  • hardwaterYou may see weird stains show up in your sinks and showers and toilets.
  • Your pipes can be clogged continuously due to mineral deposit build-ups.
  • You may find yourself or others in your home are experiencing more skin irritations and sensitivity.
  • Your clothing and dishes may not clean as well.

Many homeowners choose to begin using a water softening system in order to solve their hard water problem. Essentially, this type of system uses an ion exchange process to remove the minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium a water softener will then replace the minerals with ions.

A Whole House Water Filter Can Work Wonders

wholehousewaterfilterBecause unfiltered and untreated water can often carry minerals, toxins, and bacteria that are harmful to our bodies, it’s essential that any water that is brought into your home for drinking, cleaning or otherwise is treated before use.

A whole house water filter can help you make sure you’re getting a clean water supply throughout your home.

Whole house filters can be a little higher of an investment initially, but many homeowners find them to be worth the cost as their whole family will have access to better water for drinking and cleaning throughout your home.

The Benefits of UV Water Filters

uvwaterfiltersUV water filters are a great and simple way to make sure enough clean and clear drinking water is available within your home.

The cost to install and operate this type of system is minimal, and they are found to be 99.9% effective in eliminating bacteria and other contaminants found in the water system of your home.

This is very important because many people often choose to use this type of water filtration system to solve the issue of having “bad water” that’s discovered upon a water test being performed at their home.

A UV water filter uses ultraviolet rays to destroy harmful bacteria in your water system and is often considered one of the most effective methods in cleaning your home’s water. If you’ve noticed any funny smells, tastes, or other red flags in your drinking water be sure to contact us right away.

We’ll send an experienced technician out right away to your home to assess your water for potential problems and make recommendations on resolutions that will work best for you and your families unique situation. You may not know it yet, but a water heater cleaning may be exactly what you need.