What is an Oil-Fired Water Heater?


Vernon Water HeaterA fast recovering water heating system that is fueled by oil instead of electric or natural gas. The oil-fired water heater has a higher install cost than other types of water heaters, but will cost less to operate once the installation is complete.

An oil-fired water heater comes in two types of categories that are direct and indirect. The direct oil-fired water heater is heated by the heat from the oil flame directly, and an indirect oil-fired water heater is heated by the hot water from a boiler. There are different types of oil-fired heaters that work with the different categories.

Why Use an Oil-Fired Water Heater?

An oil-fired water heater may be the only option in some rural or out in the middle of nowhere places. There is a little more cost upfront when installing the oil-fired water heater system, but it will cost less to run over the life of the unit than other types of water heaters. The oil-fired water heater is a low cost solution to having huge amounts of domestic hot water. The oil-fired water heater has a high recovery rate of up to 120 gallons of hot water an hour.

There are different types of oil-fired water heaters to choose from to meet the needs of different homes and family sizes. A bigger family will have more needs than a couple will because there is more hot water required on a daily basis.There is not any reason to purchase then pay to install a system that is bigger than the family will utilize on a regular basis.

Oil Fired Water HeaterThe water heater does not require natural gas to operate. The water heater does not require a space heating system installed as well to work.

What Benefits Do I Get From Using an Oil-Fired Water Heater?

The hot water is heated very quickly using the oil-fired water heater and it has a fast hot water recovery time, which means more hot water faster. There are many choices on what type of oil-fired water heating systems to invest in for the perfect solution for the whole family. There are tankless options that heat water as needed instead of storing the hot water in a tank. The hot water system is not dependent on installing any other heating systems.

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