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Over 3 decades ago right here in the United States Amtrol invented the first indirect water heater famously known as the BoilerMate. We here at Water Heater Medic are proud to offer this product to our customers in and around Vernon and want to highlight some of the great perks you will receive after installing one of these units. Each and every BoilerMate is sure to give you clean hot water right when you need it, without the use of an internal heating source. The system connects right to your boiler, so while your home heats up so does your water. Each unit can be fitted with a mechanical or digital temperature control, ensuring maximum comfort.

Traditional water heaters tend to use up a lot of energy, but these high-efficiency units are guaranteed to lower your monthly utility bills. Their unique design and quality materials makes BoilerMate indirect water heaters virtually indestructible and they are also resistant to corrosion. So if you are looking for the perfect water heater without all the hassles that come from traditional units, the BoilerMate indirect water heater is a great choice.

For the best indirect water heaters on the market, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Water Heater Medic at (860) 896-3342 .