Water Heater History; An Overview

The Many Uses of the Water Heater

Vernon Water HeaterThe common water heater is an uncomplicated process that will use a source of energy to heat water higher than its original temperature. The heated water serves many domesticated purposes. These common uses include:




*space heating

The water heater will offer a continuous supply of hot water. It may use a variety of fuels for its operation. These include:

*petroleum gas


*solid fuels



*natural gas

Invented in 1870

The water heater has a unique history. It had been originally invented in the year 1870. The Englishman who invented the first instant water heater was named Maughan. He was the original influencer of this fabulous and useful machine.

This is the start of a wonderful creation. There is not a lot of information available on Maughan's original invention. It is known that his designs greatly impacted a gentleman named Edwin Ruud.

A Norwegian Mechanical Engineer

Edwin Ruud was a Norwegian mechanical engineer. The year 1889 was the year that this individual invented the automatic water heater. He pioneered the residential and commercial water heater in Pittsburg. He was a founder of Ruud Manufacturing Company.

The Vital Machine

The water heater is a vital machine in almost every society. Many years ago a water heater was called a boiler. A boiler was a vessel that used to burn fuel in order to heat the water. Human beings used to boil the water in a pot or another type of vessel. The following started rising in popularity;

*coal boilers

*natural gas boilers

*firewood boilers

Electricity was then Discovered by Humans

Humans then discovered electricity. This invention allowed for incredible innovation in the lives of many. This includes the innovation of the electric water heater. This was a convenient and clean invention. It was clean and convenient as compared to the boiler.

Vernon Water Heater Repair ServicesA Museum of the Past

The water heaters of the past have a large variety of extraordinary designs. The water heater of today is of superior quality from the many past designs. The antique designs bear a strong resemblance to the modern day water heaters.

These older antiques may be worth money. The modern day water heater is by far superior as compared to the early days. Society would be lost without the modern day water heater.

Water heater history may be interesting, but an ancient water heater has no place in your Vernon home! Call Water Heater Medic at (860) 896-3342.