Water too Hot or too Cold? 3 Causes of Faulty Water Heating

There is nothing worse than climbing in your shower in the morning, only to have the water suddenly scaled you for being too hot. Of course, there is also the opposite, where no matter what you do it just isn't possible to get the water hot enough and you are stuck taking lukewarm showers.

So what exactly are you suppose to do? Well, there are possibly a few different problems, all of which can be handled by your local Vernon contractor.

Vernon | Water Heater Repair ServicesWater Heater Temperature Gauge Off

Check the temperature gauge on your water heater. There is a good chance this is either set incorrectly. If it is too hot, your best guess is the gauge is far beyond the normal level. If it is too cold, it might be set too low.

Now, you can adjust the dial setting yourself. However, make sure to follow the instructions listed on the water heater. If there are none or if it doesn't change the temperature of your water heater, you need to bring in the pros.

Damaged Filament

There is a filament inside of your water heater that controls the pilot light. If you check your water heater the pilot light should always be on. If it is off you have one of two problems. One, it might have just gone out.

That happens from time to time. However, if it stays off after relighting than you have another problem. More likely than not it is because you have a damaged filament that is not holding the flame. This is not something you should attempt to change on your own. Whenever it comes to your water heater and a gas connection, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Pipe Problem

So, perhaps your water heater is acting just fine and heating the water to the proper temperature but it is reaching your shower or faucets too cold. Why does this happen? It is usually because of the water cooling off while running through your pipes.

Depending on the age of your pipes and the condition the plumbing is in, there is a chance the temperature cools off far too much before it reaches the correct outlet. In order to correct this your Vernon contractors can install insulation around the pipes. This keeps the water the correct temperature while reducing your energy bills.

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