Why You Should Drain Your Water Heater

The average household water heater should last for several years. During those several years the heater keeps the water hot for the entire household. The fact is that the average home owner does not really know that much about the water heater or its functions.

We find that many disregard the water heaters need for a professional cleaning on a regular basis. Certainly, they disregard proper cleaning until an emergency arises. For example, the owner is in the middle of taking a shower and the water turns ice cold or they are washing their laundry with cold water because the water heater isn't working properly. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Connnecticut Annual Plumbing Maintenance ServicesSafety Issues

The water heater tends to collect a lot of sediment over the years. This sediment builds up in the heater and interferes with the appliance working at optimum performance. The sediment buildup is also very dangerous.

This sediment grows and contaminates any water that is in the appliance. The buildup of the sediment turns the water a brownish color. This is not the type of water that anyone would want to cook with or drink. Additionally, this type of dirty, cold water might cause health issues for those in the family. Professionally cleaned water heaters have less sediment and are safer.

Improve Efficiency

The owner usually starts to notice that their water heater is working less efficiently. The appliance is only able to produce enough water for one hot shower in the morning. Meanwhile, the entire household suffers because they lack hot water for the rest of the day. To maintain optimum efficiency, the water heater should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis to ensure hot water for all.

Avoid Dirty Water

This happens frequently too. The owner has hot water, but they complain about dirty water. Nobody likes to wash their laundry, shower, or cook with dirty water. This is a sure sign that sediment and water deposits are starting to collect in the water heater. This could happen in a recently installed heater or one that is several years old.

Scheduling a professional cleaning would clear up that problem. A professional cleaning is actually a good idea to prolong the life of the water heater. A professional cleaning will also protect the other pipes in the home. Over the long run, a professional cleaning should save the home owner thousands of dollars in costly repairs and replacements.

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