Consider A New Water Heater for Optimal Health!

Windsor Water HeatingTrace Chemicals

Have you noticed skin, hair, and general health problems with seemingly no cause in sight? This issues may be arising from trace chemicals found within the hot water of your household. Areas such as your sink, shower, tub and outdoor faucets are all areas that can be contaminated.

A leading trace chemical that is a large proponent for pesky health issues is Chlorine. Chlorine is a vital part of our body's ecosystem, however when Chlorine builds up in our water in large amounts it can lead to breathing issues. These breathing problems stem from a buildup of gas from the Chlorine which causes irritation within the respiratory system.

other minerals and sediments will settle inside your water heater and create a harmful, cloudy buildup that can make matters worse for your skin, and even change the color of your hair.

Preventing Buildup

It's essential to have your water heater periodically serviced by a professional in order to remove some of the material in your water heater and keep your warm water fresh and clean! In some situations the presence of strange odors and chemicals may be caused by the heater itself. A new water heater could work wonders for the health and hygiene of your family!

Water Limitations?

Hot water that frequently runs out mid-shower is a sign of a faulty or weak water heater. If you've had your water heater maintenanced, but can't stop it the stream from going cold mid way through a shower it may be time to purchase a new water heater!

Windsor Tankless Water HeatersWe recommend customers with large homes and big families to go tankless. Tankless water heaters eliminate both the problem of sediment buildup and running out of hot water!

If the water heater in your Windsor area home is not working so hot, it's high time you call Water Heater Medic at (860) 896-3342. We've got you covered from installation to repairs and everything in between!