Things to know about electric water heaters

South Windsor Water Heater

An electric water heater is a water tank that uses an electrical heating system unit in order to heat the hot water instead of gas. It does this by using a thermostat and a resistance. It also has a built in isolation tank that keeps water temperature constant. Most electric water heaters have a water tank that is made out of titanium or magnesium anode. Of course, like any other water heater there is constant pressure on the water tank with hot water at the top of the tank.

Electric water heaters allow the user the option for continuously heating the water or choosing for the water to only be heated during the electric company’s denoted peak hours to help keep electrical prices down. Most machines have a life span of 12 to 15 years and are extremely reliable allowing hot water to always be ready in the amount that the water heater can hold.

Due to the fact that electric hot water heaters are very reliable it is not likely that much maintenance will have to be done. If water is acidic or hard in an area it may be a good idea to have a water heater expert look at the water heater from time to time to make sure that the electrical resistance is holding up. It also might be a good idea to empty the immersion tank from time to time.

There are generally two kinds of resistance that are used in an electric water heater depending on whether you have a soapstone or immersion heater. In immersion heaters the resistance is in the water which allows water to heat at a much faster pace. On the other hand, in the soapstone model the heating element is kept inside of a sleeve and at no point does it come in contact with water which means that it may not heat as fast but it is less likely to be effected by lime scale.

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