Water-Saving Guide for a Fun Summer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you need to do away with your water conservation priorities to have fun. You spend the entire year consciously trying to save water, why stop when the temperature rises and the kids are out of school?

There are many amazing ways you can have fun this summer and save water at the same time.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

Make the Most of Lawn Irrigation

Everyone knows that keeping the sprinkler on 24/7 to protect your lawn is wasteful. Instead, make the most of your sprinkler time by letting the kids run through the water and cool down at the same time!

Think back to your childhood, some of the most precious memories are made from impromptu sprinkler jumping. This is a simple activity that requires minimal effort on your part while maximizing fun and giving your kids some amazing summer memories and the chance to have fun and be silly.

Opt for Sponges Instead of Water Balloons

Water fights are a fun part of summer and nothing is more enticing than a bucket filled with gently jiggling, colorful water balloons. But water balloons only offer a one-time use, which can be wasteful.

Instead, pass our brightly colored sponges to your water fight participants and place several buckets of water around the yard as refilling stations.

Throwing a wet sponge is effective at soaking your enemies and the ability to re-soak the sponges will cut down on the waste.

Build Your Own DIY Slip and Slide

If you find yourself in a pinch for a quick and inexpensive summer activity, try making a DIY slip and slide course out of materials found in your own home.

Here are some steps to making a slip and slide out of things you already have:


  1. Use a painter’s tarp or tape together some heavy-duty garbage bags as the course.
  2. Make sure the slip and slide area is free of any rocks or sharp edges that could hurt someone.
  3. Squirt a small amount of dish soap on the tarp or garbage bags.
  4. Pour a couple buckets of water on the plastic and enjoy!

Hose Limbo

Although it can be fun to simply spray your family with the hose, there are other ways you can make a functional garden hose fun. Hose limbo is a spin on the traditional limbo game, except; instead of a “limbo stick” participants must limbo under a stream of water from the hose.

This activity is sure to soak a few people and give hours of entertainment.

Bucket Filling

Games are always a hit when it comes to outdoor fun. Try this minute-to-win-it style game by placing a full bucket and empty bucket away from each other. Participants will have to fill the empty bucket using water from the full one.

The only catch, they must fill the bucket by wringing out water from a sponge! Although the key is to move the water quickly and efficiently without spilling any, you are sure to get soaked in the process.