Water Heater Insulation: Is Water Insulation Right for You? What are the Benefits?

Your Vernon home’s water heater should provide adequately heated water for all washing and bathing purposes. However, to do so it uses a lot of energy and some of this will be wasted if the tank is not insulated. Here are benefits of insulating your water heater.

Vernon Water heater Repair Prevent Heat Loss

Heat conducts through solid surfaces when one side is cooler than the other is. Since water is heated above the surrounding temperature, some of this heat will travel through the tank and into the room unless its progress is impeded by insulation. Heat loss will be greater if the tank is situated in a cold space, such as a chilly basement or drafty utility cabinet.

Save Energy

A water heater uses energy to heat the water to the assigned temperature. If heat is escaping, the heater must use more energy to keep up. One of the most noticeable things this means for you is higher energy costs. By insulating your hot water heater, you will prevent heat loss and make your heater run more efficiently. When water in the tank retains the heat, this can even mean you will be able to lower the temperature setting, which will save even more money.

When Insulation is the Best Step

There are a few instances where insulation is not necessary or recommended. If your water heater is brand new, for example, check the manufacturer’s literature to see if the tank is insulated. You won’t be able to tell by sight, because factory-installed insulation is placed behind the outer shell. The insulation rating, known as the R-value, should be at least 16 or higher.

Another situation that won’t require insulating the water heater is if it is in a heated area of the home. Any heat lost from the water tank will simply add to the warmth of the room. Note, however, that in summer, this extra heat might be undesirable and you might wish to go ahead and insulate the tank at that time.

Insulation is necessary if:

The hot water is in an unconditioned space, like a cold basement.

A tank feels warm when you touch it. This means heat is escaping.

The current insulation feels warm to the touch. This means it is inadequate. Unless it is moldy or otherwise in disrepair, keep the old insulation in place and just add a new hot water heater blanket over it.

For safe, professional installation of water heater insulation, call on professionals. Insulating a tank isn’t just a matter of wrapping a special blanket of insulation around it. Different types of tanks, such as gas versus electric, require different insulation methods for safety. Service professionals will make sure the job is done correctly, with the right amount of insulation for your Vernon home.

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