Depositphotos_2465683_sWater Heater Repair

While being a homeowner can come with certain issues that are rare and unforeseen, water heater repair can additionally become a costly issue at any moment. This can turn into a great challenge while struggling to make repairs, and will cause discomfort when hot water becomes unavailable for use.

However, those who are attentive to their water heater and look out frequently for potential issues can save themselves a lot of trouble and prevent surprises.

What are the signs of a water heater in need of repair?

It does not take a professional to know when a water heater is due for repairs. For many homeowners, the moment hot water is suspect of issues, is when it is likely time to consider performing maintenance on your water heater. The most obvious sign will be if your hot water comes out discolored, particularly a brownish color.

This means that your tank has rust buildup that can immediately cause health problems. Alternatively, if water does not get hot enough, or simply runs out, it may be showing signs of efficiency lose due to wear in the burner, possibly signifying the end of its useful life.

Should you repair or replace your water heater?

Usually the deciding factor between repairing and replacing a water heater depends on the severity and frequency of issues. If you are not getting hot water or is taking a while to get, the first step would be to examine if the pilot light is out or if the thermostat is working properly. Minor solutions would be to relight the pilot light or adjust the temperature gauge.

If the pilot light is out frequently or if the gauge appears to be defective, you may be able to get away with replacing small parts without buying an entire heater. However, issues such as discolored water or water leaks show cases of challenging repair that may warrant a new water heater.

What causes water heater damage?Boiler

The biggest enemy to water heaters is simply time and use. Overtime, water heaters become subject to rust, which can weaken the heater and create leaks. Naturally, heaters will not last forever, but proper maintenance and response to heater damage can extend its life significantly. The average water heater will incur multiple problems over its lifetime, so responding quickly to these problems can save a few years before needing a new purchase.

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