Which Type of Water Heater is Right for Your Home?

It’s the worst thing that can possibly happen, you wake up in the morning and find out there is no hot water. Another problem is to see the monthly bill and realize your energy costs are going through the ceiling. A hot water heater is essential for the home. They can cost you an arm and a leg to maintain, but life without them is unbearable. There is many hot water heating options available and which one you need depends on your individual needs.

Vernon Water Heating All Water Heaters Are Not The Same

There are two types of water heating systems, tankless and traditional. These two units operate very differently. The traditional option costs less upfront. However, it costs more in operational costs over the period of a few years. The tankless costs more, but it essentially pays for itself in savings.

The Traditional Water Heater

You see a traditional water heater in the basement or utility room. It is an insulated tank that has hot water inside constantly being heated. It is heated by electric or gas. When the faucet turns on the hot water, it comes from the top of the tank. When water is removed, the cold water floods into the bottom of the tank where it is warmed by a heating element. It can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour for the warm water to be replenished if the tank is drained. If you have many showers going on in a short period of time, someone may be taking one in ice cold water.

The Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water tank means that you never have to worry about water running out. It doesn’t need a big storage tank to hold water, because it gives you hot water on demand. It’s more cost efficient because you only heat the water you need and nothing else. It’s a real energy savings and they too can be heated with gas or electric.

Assess Your Needs

There is no test to figure out which type of heater is best for you home. You must consider things like the number of people using hot water, the number of bathrooms and how long you’re going to be in the home. If you are constantly running out of hot water, a larger heater or tankless unit is the way to go. For energy savings, the tankless is the way to go.

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