Water Leaks: What to do in the Event of a Water leak (During and After)

Vernon Emergency Water Leak ServicesA water leak can be a catastrophe in your home. It can cause serious water damage to the floors, walls or ceiling depending where it occurs. Our trained professionals have the experience needed to handle any type of leak whether it is a minor inconvenience or a major problem sending gallons of water into your basement. You should know what to do in the event of a water leak.

Turn Off the Water Right Away

The first step should be to turn the water off right away. You want to minimize how much water is coming into your home as fast as possible. Turn off the taps if the drains are the problem. If the leak continues after that, then try to turn off the water mains in your home. You should do this only if you are confident that you know where they are and how to shut off the mains. You should also try this only if you have a safe, dry and clear path to the mains to prevent injuries or electrocution. This step can help to prevent severe water damage.

Contact Us Immediately

Contact our emergency service number immediately after you recognize there is a water leak. Our number is always available for emergencies. Do this quickly so that we can get one of our professional team members out to your house fast. Describe the problem to our staff accurately and then follow whatever instructions you are given at the time. Wait around for our professionals to arrive and do not attempt to start performing repairs or modifying the plumbing. We will take care of the water leak once we get to your home or apartment.

Start Removing Items from the Floor

The next step is to start removing items from the floor. This should include anything the water from the leak is touching. You should start picking up rugs, decorations, plants and anything else that the water might hurt.

Vernon Water Heater

Hang the wet items up to reduce the chance of damage while they dry. You might also want to start mopping up some of the water at this point to stop it from moving deeper into your home. Do this only if you feel safe and have the right tools. You should not try this if the leak is pouring sewage into your house since the liquid or fumes could be dangerous to your health.
Call (860) 896-3342 to speak to the professionals of Water Heater Medic. Keep our number handy in case your Vernon home needs a helping hand!